Cleanse for Life® – How do I use Cleanse for Life?

Cleanse for Life should be used as part of an Isagenix System for either daily cleansing or deep cleansing. Take 1 scoop of powder dissolved in 2-4 ounces of water; 1-2 ounces of liquid; or 1, 2-ounce bottle of Cleanse for Life, up to twice daily. Enjoy warm or cold.

For a deeper, one- or two-day cleanse, take 2 scoops of powder dissolved in 4-8 ounces of water; 4 ounces of liquid; or two, 2-ounce bottles, up to four times throughout the day. Enjoy warm or cold. Cleansing is most effective with a combination of both daily and deep cleanses. Refer to your System Guide for further guidance.

Last Update: November 17, 2017  

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