Voting Now Closed for Canada’s Spirit of Isagenix Award

Spirit of Isagenix

Voting for our 2020 Spirit of Isagenix award is now closed but stay tuned to find out who the winner is! The lucky person will be announced onstage at Canada Celebration 2020 this February in Montreal 

Read more about the nominees below! 

Nominees are Isagenix Independent Associates who: 

  • Lead and inspire others. 
  • Uphold Isagenix values and principles. 
  • Empower people to change their lives for the better. 
  • Create opportunities. 
  • Exude entrepreneurship qualities. 

Meet the Top 3 Nominees

It’s clear that our three finalists, chosen by YOU, exude the Isagenix values in their daily lives. But only one will be awarded onstage at Canada Celebration 2020

Tanis Heron, Spruce Grove, Alberta 

Tanis Heron

Tanis has overcome much in her life, including an early life chapter of going from one foster home to anotherShe is a leader by example, and there’s nothing she won’t do to learn more and be more available for her team. She’s a whiz when it comes to business tools and promotions to help her team take full advantage of every business opportunity. Tanis is a humble, kind trailblazer who leads from the heart.  

Anna EarleyGuelph, Ontario 

Anna Earley

Anna is a natural leader and a positive influence to so many people, especially women. She shows kindness in everything she does and is always available to support her team. Anna has a steadfast loyalty to being a product of the Isagenix products, and she’s a respected leader who supports others regardless of their rank. Anna and her family truly walk the talk and live a healthy lifestyle every day. 

Amanda WegerFort McMurray, Alberta 

Amanda Weger

Amanda goes above and beyond for her team, and she’s incredibly driven to help people change their lives. She empowers everyone on her team to be successful and doesn’t let anyone give up on themselvesNot only does she strive to help others become free from physical and financial pain, but she also teaches and guides them with their businesses.  

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