Warm Up to Collagen Bone Broth

Isagenix Collagen Bone Broth supports collagen production throughout the body for a radiant complexion and healthy joints. Enjoy it daily as a warm, savory beverage, or mix it into your favorite recipes for added benefit.

Collagen’s Role in Health

Collagen creates structure, resilience, and elasticity in practically every part of the body. It’s your body’s most abundant protein, acting like a “glue” that helps to hold everything in its place (1). Your body builds and repairs collagen every day, but production gradually declines with age.

In joints, collagen plays an important role in building and maintaining cartilage. Over time, the cartilage that cushions joints becomes thinner and loses its resilience, leading to reduced comfort and range of motion (2).

In skin, collagen builds the foundation of a smooth and radiant complexion. The deepest layers of skin are made of a dense network of collagen fibers. Over time, the network of collagen fibers can become fragmented and weakened, resulting in wrinkles, fine lines, and thinner skin (3).

Good nutrition is essential for collagen production, but ordinary foods may not provide the right nutrients. While meat, poultry, and fish contain collagen, it’s in the form of long collagen fibers that are hard for the body to use. Collagen Bone Broth combines highly bioavailable collagen peptides along with other supporting nutrients to quickly deliver collagen’s benefits throughout the body (4).

Only the Purest Ingredients

Collagen Bone Broth begins by slowly simmering grass-fed beef bones to release beneficial nutrients. Next, bone broth protein is combined with collagen peptides, a blend of collagen-specific amino acids, and antioxidant vitamin C to enhance the benefits of bone broth and provide greater support for collagen throughout the body. These collagen-boosting nutrients are expertly blended with natural flavors to make a delicious and savory broth mix.

Grass-Fed Protein Blend: This blend is made with collagen peptides and bone broth protein sourced from grass-fed cows not treated with hormones or routine antibiotics. It provides type I and type III collagen in the form of collagen peptides as well as naturally occurring nutrients in bone broth protein.

Collagen Tri-Amino Acid Complex: This complex contains glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline —three amino acids that supply the building blocks for collagen (5). Combining these collagen-specific amino acids with collagen peptides and bone broth protein helps to provide added support for collagen synthesis.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that is required for normal collagen synthesis. It delivers antioxidant protection throughout the body and provides support for immune health (6, 7).

Make Collagen Bone Broth Part of Your Day

Use Collagen Bone Broth daily to provide consistent support for collagen throughout the body, both on Shake Days and Cleanse Days. On Shake Days, Collagen Bone Broth can be enjoyed on its own or stirred into your favorite recipes. On Cleanse Days, sip on one or two servings of Collagen Bone Broth as a warm and savory snack option.

To sip, combine one packet of Collagen Bone Broth with 4-8 ounces of warm water. To add the benefits of collagen to food, stir a packet into your favorite recipe.


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