Organic Greens FAQ

Organic Greens is a simple way to get more of the organic, whole foods-based nutrition your body needs in a delicious powdered drink mix. It just got a lot easier to add more organic veggies to your day!

What is Organic Greens?

Organic Greens is a great-tasting drink mix made from organic vegetables and organic superfood ingredients, including spirulina, chlorella, turmeric, and coconut water. Organic Greens provides two servings of organic vegetables in a convenient powdered drink mix that’s ready any time you want to add more whole foods-based nutrition to your day.

How much sugar is in Organic Greens?

Unlike typical green juices and bottled smoothies that can contain a surprising amount of sugar, Organic Greens has 1 gram of total sugar and 0 grams of added sugar per serving. Organic sweet potato, apple, and stevia leaf extract give Organic Greens a lightly sweet flavor without loading you up with extra sugar and calories.

How is Organic Greens made?

Organic Greens is made from a blend of non-GMO, organic, whole vegetables that are gently dried using a temperature-controlled process to protect their natural qualities. Next, the carefully dried vegetables are milled to a fine powder and blended to make an easy-to-enjoy drink mix.

How does Organic Greens provide two servings of organic vegetables in each scoop?

Organic Greens is made from whole vegetables — not extracts or juice powders — to provide whole foods-based nutrition that’s delicious and convenient. National dietary guidelines define a serving of vegetables as half a cup of cooked vegetables or 1 cup of fresh leafy vegetables.

One scoop of Organic Greens is made from 2 cups of leafy vegetables (a mix of spinach and kale) to provide the equivalent of two servings of organic leafy green vegetables. These nourishing greens are combined with a blend of other organic vegetables and superfood ingredients, like spirulina, chlorella, coconut water, broccoli, and turmeric, to provide more than two servings of organic vegetables in every scoop.

What are the best ways to enjoy Organic Greens?

Organic Greens has a refreshing cucumber mint flavor that’s delicious on its own when mixed with still or sparkling water. It can also be added to your shake, blended in a smoothie, or stirred into beverages and foods.

Can I use Organic Greens in recipes when cooking or baking?

Absolutely! Organic Greens can be added to your favorite recipes when you want to sneak in some added veggies or get a nutritious boost.

What is the suggested age for Organic Greens?

Organic Greens can be enjoyed by anyone 4 years of age and older.


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